What is “member name”?
  • Each member has a dedicated member name, the name is unique among all members, and there would be no duplicated member name.
  • It is used in each member’s webpage URL, for example a member who has the Member Name “apple”, then its URL is hi-my.com/apple. In such case, when you share your webpage, you can say: “Hi, My Hi! My is hi-my.com/apple”, it is easy to remember and very much like your own website address, isn’t it? Yes, the main purpose of “Member Name” is the sense of exclusivity and identification.
  • This name can be changed just like you can always change your nickname, but the system would allow duplicated nicknames, not duplicated “Member Name”.
  • This name can use a variety of languages, such as:
    hi-my.com/アップル  hi-my.com/애플  hi-my.com/蘋果  hi-my.com/सेब
“Member Name” ownership policy
  • “Member Name” is unique, which means if a member name you want is used by other existing member, you will not be able to use the member name to register or update your member name to that specific name.
  • Obviously, this policy will give a little trouble to some “public member”, since the member names which originally “should belong” to those public members are used by other people. If you are a public member and meet this kind of situation, please firstly use a “secondary” account name and then use the following interface to submit your application for Member Name Ownership, once the situation has been authenticated and verified, the system will change your Member Name to the name you want to sue and notify you about the change.
  • And if you originally use the Member Name, when a Member Name Ownership application has been submitted and passed, the system will change your Member Name to a randomly selected account name and notify you about the change. This will not affect your login since login uses e-mail. However, this change could affect the web URL which you already gave out, since when other people enter the webpage using that web URL, the webpage appears is no longer yours but those of other member, so you have to notify those who have your old webpage URL. To avoid this kind of situation, the best way is to avoid using a Member Name which already publicly awarded or has some popularity.
  • Hi! My Definition of a “Public Member”: people who have popularity and public awareness, enterprises, brands, organizations, animals, buildings…etc. However, with evolution of human civilization, this range may be extended. If you think the account name you use is in line with the spirit of “public member” and have been used by other person, you can try to apply for a “Member Name Ownership” check.
Application for “Member Name” Ownership
The key to whether your application is passed or not is that the email account you use for logging on and the official website you use for verification must belong to the same domain name.
If you use your private email as account ID, please verify with the official website’s URL and then change back to your email account ID.

Please log in first.

  • Full name of personal, company, brand, institution, animal, building or others.

  • The member name applied is the member name you want to use but another member is already using it.
    2~30 characters. Any language is okay, but the following symbols are not allowed: / \ : " ? * + # % | < > = ( ) - .com @ qq

  • Your account email ID is attached to this website domain name.

  • If you want to be approved sooner, please list some information which could help us to make a judgment in the supplementary remark section.